How can I apply my credit note?

If you have previously been issued a credit note by and would like to apply it to a new booking:

  1. Please make your booking on, as you would normally.
  2. Click 'Pay now' at the end of the booking process.
  3. You will now be asked for your payment card number. DO NOT PROCEED. Keep this page, titled 'Comercia Global Payments', open.
  4. Now please contact us via Live Chat (click on the 'Help' button at the bottom of any page on our website) and be ready to quote:
    a) Your original booking reference, with which the credit note was issued.
    b) Your new booking reference, which you will see on the 'Comercia Global Payments' page, next to 'Product description'.

The Customer Service Agent will then call you to confirm your new booking having applied the credit note.