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I am unable to set a pickup time while making a booking. What should I do?

For private transfers: The pick up time for a transfer from the airport is the flight arrival time. For transfers to the airport, cruise port or train station, the latest possible pick up time is predetermined by our system. You may select the time indicated by the system or an earlier one if you prefer.

The latest pickup time policy only applies to transfers to an airport, cruise port or train station and it's calculated based on many factors affecting the route, including journey time, vehicle size, airport/cruise port/train station size, traffic conditions, amongst others. The latest pickup is carefully researched and calculated based on our experience having provided thousands of transfers for each available route. It ensures our customers get to the airport/cruise port/train station on time, with no risk of missing their flight/cruise ship/train should there be any issues.

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For shuttle services: If you book a transfer to the airport, the pick up time will be confirmed at least 24 hours before your flight departure time. We will communicate your pickup time via email and by SMS, if you requested this extra option.
You can also check the confirmed pickup time through the ''My Booking'' panel on our website.

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