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I want to book my return later than the latest possible pickup time the website allows, what should I do?

When making the booking, the system will automatically give you the latest possible time that we can pick you up for your return transfer to the airport. You may opt to be picked up at that latest time or any time earlier.

The latest pick-up time is calculated automatically by our system and is based on many factors affecting the journey for that specific route, for instance, journey time, expected weather conditions, vehicle size, airport size, and our own experience having provided thousands of transfers for the specified route.

Setting the latest pickup time ensures our customers get to the airport/cruise port/train station on time, with no risk of missing their flight/cruise ship/train should there be any issues, expected or unexpected, that delay the journey. Unexpected issues could include sudden traffic congestion or bottlenecks, accidents causing blockage or slow traffic on certain roads, poor weather conditions, police controls, minor delays and other unexpected difficulties.

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