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How can I change my pick up time?

You may be able to change your pick up time depending on your travel date and time and the kind of service you have booked.

Private transfers:

If your transfer is happening in more than 24 hours, you may change your pick up time through the My Booking section on our website.

If your transfer is happening in less than 24 hours, you need to contact our Customer Service team via Live Chat or on any of our 24/7 phone numbers available on your voucher.

If you would like to change the pick up AND flight departure time for a later date/time, please first submit an amendment request of the flight departure date/time. After the approval of such change from our Customer Service Team, you will be able to request a change to the pick up date/time. In general, online amendment requests take just a few minutes to be approved.

Remember that for transfers to the airport, the latest possible pick-up time is calculated automatically by our system and it's based on many factors affecting the journey for that specific route.

Shuttle transfers:

The pick up time for a shuttle service cannot be modified as the driver will also have other scheduled pickups.

The pickup time for the return transfer to the airport is confirmed with you by email within 24 hrs of your flight departure time.

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